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Exploring social innovation approaches for the social and economic integration of non-EU nationals


INTERREG CENTRAL EUROPE: Cooperating on innovation to make CENTRAL Europe more competitive – To improve skills and entrepreneurial competences for advancing economic and social innovation in central European regions


For rural areas of Central Europe, unprecedented recent levels of migration pose a long-term challenge but represent at the same time an opportunity if the integration of arriving migrants succeeds. Across the programme area, many rural areas have seen their populations shrink and age in consequence of demographic change. Especially talented young persons left rural areas to seek better work, higher incomes and career opportunities in larger cities or abroad. Along with demographic change come challenges to reorganise services of general interest for less and less people, yet with different needs (health care), and shortage of skilled labour for businesses operating there.



Integration challenges aside, arriving non-EU nationals are mostly of young age and have already left a considerable footprint in the demographic data of German and North Italian rural areas. However, once their asylum application have been processed many strife for major cities where they presume to find better networks for their economic integration. Yet, major cities are already challenged with high poverty levels, social segregation and insufficient affordable housing.

ARRIVAL REGIONS promotes social innovation approaches to make integration in rural areas a success story, enhancing skills and knowledge among stakeholders in the labour market and societal integration of non-EU nationals





TIMESCALE: 04.2019 – 03.2022

CONTACT: [ Dario Santo – 011 8613712 - ]

Project website:

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