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UWAGA STUDENCI: Szkoła Letnia w Aalborg University, Dnia
Uniwersytet Szczecinski and Aalborg University, Denmark have an agreement on exchange of students. Aalborg University highly appreciates our collaboration and would like to strengthen the links between our two institutions.

Therefore, we would like to offer your students a unique opportunity to experience compelling lectures in the context of our renowned Problem Based Learning at our Summer School 2013 (22nd July - 9th August).

Encouraged by previous years of success we offer students from our international partners the possibility to sign up for a 3-weeks (5 ECTS) Summer School course covering topics such as:

* Audio Recording and
* Future Smart Grid
* Management and processing of solid, liquid and gaseous waste
* Mobile Phone Programming
* Multimedia Information and Signal Processing
* Network Coding: From Theory to Practice
* Noise Measurements and Hearing Assessment
* Psychophysics: From Stimulus to Perception www.summerschool.aau.dchok/Courses/Psychophysics/
* Sensor Networks
* Structural Health Monitoring
* Techno-anthropology

Students may anticipate a high professional outcome in a dedicated international environment along with a series of extra-curricular activities.

Further information about the summer school can be found on
Więcej informacji dr Małgorzata Porada Rochoń, koordynator.
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