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Authors guidelines

Authors guidelines


We look forward to your article submissions. Deadline – January 10, 2016.


The papers should be submitted to the Secretary of the Journal:

  • on electronic media (or via e-mail: in a MS Word file; supplied electronic media should be free from virus,
  • with prints in A4 format, in two copies (prints without giving the name of the author of the article), which will be sent to reviewers for evaluation.. All manuscripts should be sent to Secretary of the Journal: Wydział Zarządzania i Ekonomiki Usług, Uniwersytet Szczeciński, Katedra Ekonomii, dr Agnieszka Bretyn, ul. Cukrowa 8, 71-004 Szczecin.


For each article must be delivered:

  • short summary (max. 800 characters) in English, the surname and the name of the author of abstract,
  • keywords in English (max. 3-5),
  • JEL codes (,
  • the title of the article in Polish and English,
  • at the end of the electronic version must be provided: name and surname of the author, degree or academic title, place of employment (name of the department, faculty and the university) and e-mail for correspondence.



  • The paper shall not be more than 20 000-22 000 characters (including bibliography and abstract),
  • The page margins to 2,5 cm all the way around.
  • Standard font: Times New Roman 12 pt. (it is allowed to use bold and italics; it is not allowed to underline).
  • Line spacing: 1,5 lines.
  • Text: justified.
  • Author should also provide graphs and pictures in an editable form (eg *. cdr *. ai, *. eps, *. wmf, *. emf, excel, etc.).
  • Tables and figures, graphs, and diagrams - max width - 125 mm, max height - 170 mm.
  • If you need to attach a picture, make sure it has a 300 dpi resolution and is jpg. or tif. format, if it is a scan 1200 dpi (only tif.). Max. width - 125 mm, max height - 170 mm.
  • It is not allowed to include illustrations, diagrams copied from the Internet (the resolution does not meet the requirements necessary for publication).
  • Equation or other specific elements of the paper should be done using the software in MS Office (e.g. Microsoft Equation Editor Equation) and left in an editable version.
  • Mathematical formula: the main text - 11 points, indexes - 7 points, max width of the pattern - 120 mm.


Literature footnotes and bibliography should be standardized according to the APA style.


The papers are reviewed anonymously by at least two reviewers (double-blind review). Only those articles that receive all the positive reviews and meet the editorial requirements listed above will be published.


Ghostwriting and guest authorship are not accepted practices at Journal. Hence, for all articles with multiple authors scientific editor may request from a corresponding author an indication a contribution for every involved author. Particularly a corresponding author need to point who conceived the concept, assumptions, methodology etc. Moreover, on request every author should reveal the sources of financing their article. Every incident will be reported to corresponding scientific institutions.


Please abide by the stated requirements.


If you have further questions please do not hesitate to contact


With best regards,

Secretary and the thematic editor of the Journal

dr Agnieszka Bretyn


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